Communicating the Gospel

It’s always an honor to unpack God’s Word in front of his church. I often get to do this on Sunday mornings at Christ Fellowship, and occasionally in other church settings. Here’s just a small sampling of my recent messages.


August 2020 – In our final week of online-only services, brought on by the COVID pandemic, I delivered the last message in our series called, The Table. In this message, I gave one final challenge related to the church’s new vision by the same name while addressing the national tensions gripping our nation.

Psalms Playlist: Psalm 51

July 2020 – This message was part of a summer-long series during the COVID pandemic that we called “Psalms Playlist.” Prior to the start of the series, we polled the church, asking them to pick their top ten favorite Psalms. In the message, I unpack the low moment of King David’s life in Psalm 51. Since this sermon was particularly heavy and people were watching online, we segmented this message in two parts, divided by a worship song.


February 2020 – This message was the sixth “episode” in a series we called The Story that explores the overarching story and themes of Scripture. In this particular message, I explored the Israelite exile, how they got there, and how we fall into the same traps. One of our church members, Marcus Brock, offered the prologue that connected the sermon to the week prior. (Fun Fact: This was the last week of in-person services before the pandemic began.

That long List of Names at the end of Romans (And why it matters…)

October 2019 – As part of our series titled Activate on the final chapters of Romans, I delved into the strange list of names in the back of Paul’s letter and what the Apostle was trying to communicate through it. Before coming up, our daily Bible study writer, Lisa Scheffler, read the passage to the congregation.

How can I serve you?

I'd love the opportunity to serve your church or ministry. If you're looking for someone to speak at your next event, just send me an email at and I'd be honored to be a part of it.