Recent Messages

Communicating the Gospel

While I have a wealth of experience in ministry communications, my educational background is in Biblical Studies and I love getting to communicate the gospel at church and ministry events. Browse the selection below from my messages at Christ Fellowship in McKinney, TX. 

Recent Messages

A Richer Hope

December 2019 – With Christmas behind us and the new year approaching, I shared insights in Jeremiah 29 for those dealing with less-than-ideal seasons in life. 

That long List of Names at the end of Romans (And why it matters…)

October 2019 – As part of our series titled Activate on the final chapters of Romans, I delved into the strange list of names in the back of Paul’s letter and what the Apostle was trying to communicate through it. Before coming up, our daily Bible study writer, Lisa Scheffler, read the passage to the congregation.

Freedom from the Law

July 2019 – As part of our series, Liberated, on the middle of Romans, I unpacked the second half of Romans 7 where Paul vulnerably talks about his own struggles to live up God’s standards.


May 2019 – As part of our series called Unexpected, looking at the unexpected nature of God’s love and its impact on the relationships around us, I delivered my first message in five years on this love in the context of marriage.

How can I serve you?

I’d love the opportunity to serve your church or ministry. If you’re looking for someone to speak at your next event, just send me an email at matt@mattmorrison.me and I’d be honored to be a part of it.


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