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About the Project

e3 Partners is a global missions organization with over 400 missionaries operating in 65+ countries. The organization plants 100,000+ churches annually around the world and invites everyday believers to participate through 150 mission trips each year. In addition to its exciting global presence, e3 Partners also served as the parent organization behind the popular I Am Second media campaign that took the country by storm beginning in 2009.

In 2016, a number of strategic shifts were taking place within the ministry. e3 Partners had just accelerated its church-planting efforts, was serving at ground-zero of the greatest refugee crisis since World War II, and had just received a $1.2 million grant by the Passion Conferences to engage 14 of the world’s least reached people groups.

As the world seemed impossibly dark, the ministry was stepping up its game. A new level of funding and participation was required to meet the ministry’s ambitious goals. Our marketing team was challenged by the senior leaders to develop a robust campaign that would accelerate fundraising and mission trip participation. We were given an urgent two week deadline to get the campaign online and worked around the clock to make it happen.

As Content Editor for the ministry, I worked with our Creative Director to develop what became the Rise Campaign, an emotionally-charged messaging strategy to be used in recruiting meetings, donor events, and online marketing. Our aim was to create something that captured the global moment and made young millennials feel they could easily join the mission. I developed the overall message for the campaign and wrote all of the collateral pieces while our creative team crafted the artwork and visual branding.

Campaign Bumper

This video became the cornerstone for the rest of the Rise campaign’s messaging. I wrote the script and used it as a launching point for all of the remaining pieces. This was voiced in a sound studio and edited by our in-house team using previously-captured b-roll. The video was used as a bumper to kick off donor events and recruitment meetings. We also utilized it on social media.

Booklet and Funding Proposal

This booklet was used primarily as a fundraising piece to be used in meetings with major donors. Field staff also used it for meetings with potential mission trip participants and personal supporters. It laid out the need, the ministry’s key objectives, and the call to action.

Social Media Posts

The cornerstone of digital marketing was a carefully-targeted Facebook and Instagram campaign focused on inspiring audiences and driving them to join our email lists. This name acquisition allowed us to build an ongoing relationship with the audience build the entry-level donor base.

Email Campaign

As part of our campaign, I wrote an email series sent to mid-level private donors that included six installments. The emails told the story of what God is doing around the world through the eyes of one of our field staff.  The emails performed well beyond industry standards. Each one offered a digital missions guide in exchange for a one-time gift of $25-100.

Landing Site

All of our communications drove people to a landing site where people could donate to the cause. This was the hub for all of our work. I wrote the messaging on the page and our IT department produced it.


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