“I shouldn’t Be Doing This…”

Video Scripting + Filming + Editing

About the Project

In the fall or 2018, Christ Fellowship’s NextGen ministries were looking for a new recruitment tool that would challenge church members to step up and serve. We put together a fun video designed to both make the church laugh and inspire them to action. This was presented in the services in a special service highlighting our ministries to children and students. From there, it has been used many other times digitally to recruit new teachers and servants.

For this project, I wrote a standard script that would be recited by various volunteers in our NextGen departments. In each interview session scheduled across two days, I asked each one to come up with the unique objections they had to getting involved and the moments that give them hope they are making a difference for God’s Kingdom. Each one then recited the script.

While I am a filming and editing novice, I worked on both the scripting and production aspects of this project due to time constraints with my team. In the end, it made for a fun project that allowed me to bond with volunteers across our church and inspire others to join them.


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