Christ Fellowship Anna Campus Launch

Local Marketing + Signage + Campaign Planning

About the Project

Christ Fellowship is located in the far northern suburbs of Dallas, one of the fastest growing and affluent regions in the United States. Since its 1997 launch, the church has grown to include roughly 2,000 attenders every week at its original McKinney campus and has established itself as one of the city’s largest congregations. In 2017, Christ Fellowship announced a ten year vision that included the launch of five additional campuses across Collin county.

The first of these new campuses was slated to launch in the rural but growing community of Anna, located just north of the existing metro area. Launching in August 2018, Christ Fellowship’s Anna campus was the first of its kind in a town of 15,000 residents. To launch well, research suggested the campus would need a critical mass of 200 people on its first Sunday and would need to establish a strong impression in the community.

As Communications Pastor, I develop and oversee launches such as this. I was tasked with developing a robust marketing and PR campaign that would establish a strong community presence and accelerate word-of-mouth invites in the months leading up to launch Sunday.

The Results

By God’s grace, we far exceeded the stated goal of 200 attenders on launch Sunday. Just shy of 400 men, women, and children made it out to the first service while the student ministry grew initially at twice the expected pace.

Total Media Impressions

In Attendance on Launch Sunday

Highway Billboard

We initiated a 16 week digital billboard campaign along the Central Expressway corridor, a critical thoroughfare from the suburbs into Dallas’ central business district. This billboard faced northbound traffic as travelers left McKinney for Anna.

Direct Mail

In the final weeks before launch Sunday, we deployed 13,000 postcards across the towns of Anna, Melissa, Van Alstyne, and the rural areas surrounding them.

Social Media Advertising

Using Facebook and Instagram, we launched an aggressive campaign that built up a sizable following in the months leading up to launch Sunday. This was used to raise awareness and generate excitement as the launch grew closer. Today, the Facebook and Instagram pages continue to keep audiences informed of the latest happenings at the campus.

Landing Site

All of our communications drove people to a landing site that became our digital home in the months leading up to the launch. This is where people could learn more about the new campus, find upcoming community events, and get immediately plugged into a life group.

Portable Signage

To maintain the look, feel, and brand of Christ Fellowship while meeting in a middle school, we designed portable signage that transforms each space into a church environment and communicates our core values. This includes artwork for all of the same ministry activation centers we enjoy at the McKinney campus.

Community Events

In order to meet the community, Christ Fellowship hosted a series of public events and sponsored initiatives from the Chamber of Commerce where we could build relationships and establish ourselves as partners in the city.


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