Quick Social Media Advice for the Morning After the Election

Quick Social Media Advice for the Morning After the Election

Hey everyone, this election is still wide open. To all my friends screaming foul play, saying the other side is corrupt, and claiming we’re seeing the downfall of our country, please do three things for me.

1. Stop posting.

If you’re really into politics, you probably didn’t sleep much last night and emotions are running high. That’s usually not the best scenario for making comments in public forums. Among my Christian brothers and sisters, you’re posting in a way that reflects poorly on Christ to support your political viewpoint. As a pastor, that deeply grieves my heart.

2. Remember what so many of you posted earlier.

Remember those posts about God being in control, no matter who wins the election? About respecting those who don’t vote like you? Your comments today certainly don’t reflect that conviction. The people around you don’t believe you when you follow those inflammatory remarks and claim that your side is being cheated against.

3. Watch your sources.

Don’t be a distributor of false or misleading information. I’ve always believed that if you have to resort to disreputable sources to back up your arguments, your claims must not be that strong.


Just breathe… It’s okay.