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Why They Stay Unreached

A Note About This Article This post originally appeared at in 2016 to add color to the plight of unreached people groups and explain why it remains such a critical issue in today's society.They go by a variety of labels – the unreached, the unengaged,...

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Where Heaven and Hell Collide

A Note About This Article In October 2016, I traveled to Berlin with e3 Partners to serve in one of the many centers scattered across Germany housing over one million refugees. At the time, Germany's urban centers had become ground zero for one of the largest...

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5 Things I Learned About Calling in My 20’s

Mornings are often crazy for me. With my son’s preschool next door to my office, I am the one responsible for getting him ready and off to class. Our routine includes him climbing into bed with me right before my alarm goes off, an all-out war over him getting...

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God’s Unlikely Cast of Heroes

Since my earliest days, my parents have always dragged me to church.  I grew up learning all of the Bible stories, even the Veggie Tales versions of them.  Seriously, it’s hard not to imagine Jonah as an asparagus who jumped off a pirate ship piloted by a cucumber. If...

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