Strategic Communication for Churches and Ministries

I help churches and ministries like yours communicate with clarity and conviction. Doing that involves understanding your audience, strengthening your brand, and clarifying your message. From design to messaging, I help put the elements together so you can advance the goals of your ministry.

Strategic Planning

It’s easy to let your communications grow scattershot and inconsistent. I can help organizations like yours develop strategic plans that keep your communications on the rails and your message on point so your audience can understand and act.

Campaign Development

Whether you’re launching a new initiative, building a new physical campus for your church, or just rallying the troops around a cause, I have considerable experience helping churches and ministries develop a creative brand, set the message, and execute well.

Digital Marketing

Social media, email, and mobile connectivity provide opportunities to engage your audience in ways that were never imaginable even 10 years ago. I develop social media strategies for churches and ministries that connect with audiences and bring them to action.

Writing and Editing

It’s been said that language influences culture. Words have power and organizations that learn to channel them hold the advantage. From blogging to copywriting, I can help your ministry find its voice and speak straight to peoples’ hearts.